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The Importance and Benefits of Using a Grow Tent to Grow Marijuana

mmj buds Because of cannabis’ many potential benefits, such as its invaluable contribution to cancer research and its recreational use, the prospect of buying a grow tent for growing marijuana has become increasingly more popular. In states where marijuana is legal, growth experts are constantly looking for better tents and improved methods for creating the perfect conditions to maintain a steady, fast growth.

Why Plants Grow Better Inside a Grow Tent

Whether you’re considering a large, 3×3 gorilla grow tent, or you want something suitable for limited space, there are many potential benefits that grow kits for cannabis can have. Aside from ensuring uniform lighting and temperature, they are also able to sustain improved growth due to ideal humidity conditions, and ensure that all your plants will grow in a healthy and even accelerated fashion.

But why can plants grow better inside a grow tent in the first place? It all has to do with the tent’s ability to create an isolated, nurturing environment. When growing plants in pots or outside, in your garden, they are always subjected to exterior influencing factors. Strong winds an rainfall coming down at the wrong time can severely damage a fragile plant, and plants like cannabis require highly specific conditions in order to grow properly.

LED grow kits are ideal for spreading stronger light and maintaining energy efficiency. Also, highly reflective interior walls can enable growing settings that allow for the uniform distribution of light, so that some plants don’t get more or less light than others.

Finally, the best grow tents have the ability to cycle air through and balance oxygen and CO2 levels. As a result, no matter what your plant requires from a quality indoor garden system, the needed conditions can be replicated, and the tent can be adjusted to adapt to the specific humidity, temperature and airflow requirements of even the most fragile of plants.

Understanding the General Advantages of a Quality Grow Tent

Before considering the advantages that a quality growing system might have on cannabis, it’s important to take a look at what makes these tents so popular and so beneficial. Here are a few points to remember about the actual profile of a high quality grow kit:

Indoor hydroponic growing systems are designed to offer a clutter-free environment which is also ideal for growing marijuana. Your plants can be neatly placed inside the tent, any odors can be removed from the premises, and the disrupting lights and odors from your home will not be able to enter the tent.
Grow tents are highly energy efficient, easy to transport and adaptable to any type of apartment setting. They’re basically the most practical types of growing environments.
You’ll get fewer pests with a grow tent. Since the environment is closed, unwanted insects such as flies, spider mites and aphids will never disrupt your plants’ growing cycle.
Even cheap complete hydroponic systems are highly adaptable, so you can get excellent results without spending a lot of money.

Why Consider Complete Grow Tents for Cannabis?

One of the most important advantages that make small indoor gardening systems designed for marijuana so popular is that they’re perfect for beginners. If you don’t know much about the subtleties of how to grow cannabis, and you want to start quickly without much capital, then a cheap, good quality growing system is your best choice.

Even if you’re not a novice, these systems offer many practical advantages that can increase your yield and improve the quality of your plants. You can grow more of them in a secluded environment, keep the plants and their odor away from prying eyes, and ensure the fastest possible growth through tiny adjustments that often make all the difference.

You don’t have to get a single grow tent. You can consider a single, tall grow tent, or several small ones. It’s even possible to dedicate an entire room to a “library” of grow tents with cannabis plants at every stage of their growth cycles for continuous yields. Typically, however, in the case of the best grow kit, tent sizes are typically between 2×4 and 4×4. Hobbyists prefer the first because it gives novice growers enough space to ensure efficient yields without overcrowding their cannabis plants.

Finally, to grow marijuana properly, you need a stable environment that you can adjust just right. A grow tent will present you with that opportunity, since the reflective qualities of the fabric can allow even a less potent, 400W lighting system to provide enough lighting for a larger, 4×4 system featuring a usable height of up to 5 feet.

Finding the Best Grow Tents for Marijuana

Even though it might tempt you to start looking for the most expensive grow tent out there – or the most affordable weed grow tent, for those on a budget – it’s important to inform yourself first. Usually even the cheapest closet grow tent kit has about 80% of the qualities and features you need for successful cannabis growth, but you have to know what to search for first:

A 2x4x6-feet tent is usually ideal if you want a small cannabis yield as a beginner, and you don’t want to run out of space and light.
If you want to use a large, 4×4 tent, be prepared to invest a little more in a 600W or even 1000W light. Also, make sure you pick the ideal lighting to keep electricity costs at bay.
Find out more about how to vent a grow tent properly. Knowing how (and when) to vent and how to cool a grow tent can save you from investing in highly expensive systems needed to ensure perfect temperature and oxygen conditions.
If you live in an area where using a grow tent is legal but still frowned upon, consider getting a stealth grow tent that can be disguised as a common cabinet. Then do a sound, light and smell check to make sure the impact of the tent’s presence on your living environment is minimal.

Other options can also include getting an odor proof grow tent, finding a reliable double room grow tent or getting the largest gorilla grow tent for maximum yields. Researching these options and making your own informed choice is ideal to ensuring that you gain the best results with your new grow tent for growing marijuana.

Diy Grow Tent – Guide and Installation

Amazon's choice So you want to build a diy grow tent and you’re looking for a detailed list of parts and instructions that you could use. Whether you’re considering diy grow tent or buying a grow tent that you can put together yourself, there are many important details you have to keep in mind.

Nevertheless, the process isn’t that difficult, and you’ll find you will have yourself a far more fun and efficient method of growing better yields, improving the health and quality of your crops and avoiding pests or other issues that garden plants face on a day-to-day basis.

Using a Grow Tent – Complete Control and Improved Efficiency

Whether you’re interested in building a grow tent or to buy grow tent setups, there are many potential benefits to setting up your new tent and starting to use it for hydroponics. One of the most important of these is the fact that a grow tent gives you complete control over all aspects that influence the growth process, including temperature, humidity, lighting, airflow, isolation and even CO2 levels.

Because of these factors being carefully controlled, you can adapt your grow area to work for almost any type of plant you can imagine. Even rare, fragile, tropical plants and flowers can be grown under ideal conditions, without worrying that the climate in your area might impair their ability to grow and thrive.

Some of the Main Aspects to consider when buying a grow tent

When it comes to setting up a grow tent, the process itself is not that difficult. However, there are a few important details and aspects that have to be kept in check before you get started:

Knowing how to use grow lights for indoor plants is one of the most basic and essential aspects of growing plants with the help of a grow tent. A powerful enough light (600W to 1000W) can be used even for the largest grow tent.

Aside from lights, reflectors, holders and straps will also be needed to make sure your lighting system works properly. Moreover, make sure you keep track of the quality level of the reflective surface that comes with the tent fabric.

You also need an exhaust fan for grow tent setups, along with other important accessories that have to do with maintaining good ventilation. A good fan, a humidifier and an appropriate carbon filter are all good choices for this setup.

When it comes to using a humidifier, grow tent setups and plants that require greater humidity and more precise atmospheric conditions can benefit a great deal. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers will allow you to control the humidity inside the grow tent more effectively, and avoid cases such as those when a plant might dry up even though it gets more than enough water.

How to Assemble Your Growing System

When you have all your “ingredients” for your grow tent, it’s time to get to work. The basic process of assembly involves first setting up the frame, then putting on the cloth. Any additional work will be separate – such as installing the lighting and ventilation systems. A grow tent light combo and starter kit is great if you want to avoid putting too much work into the installation process.

If you want to assemble the lighting properly, make sure that the light is directed so that just enough light is distributed throughout the grow tent, without too many overly dark or bright spots. A great tip would be to use LED lighting, since it’s much brighter and more energy efficient, while also avoiding the need for intense ventilation, since LEDs radiate cooler light. Also, organize the wiring so that it will easily and neatly follow out to your plug and timer.

When it comes to setting up a grow tent, you might have heard a lot about carbon filters. Now, using a carbon filter in grow tent setups is optional, however, it can definitely help. Carbon filters are used heavily by marijuana growers and those using other plants that tend to create a strong odor. The filters have the role of eliminating unwanted odors (including the ones that might enter the tent from your room) and keep the air clean inside your growing area.

If regular ventilation and a carbon filter isn’t enough, you might also want to set up CO2 in your grow tent. To do this can be tricky, since you will need your CO2 burner along with additional devices such as a dehumidifier, a controller and an appropriate AC unit. Additionally, you also have to make sure the room is completely isolated from the rest of the house.

Finally, if you have your grow tent system prepared, all that’s left to do is to dial it in. This process involves adjusting and balancing the conditions inside the grow tent to suit the types of plants you require. For that purpose, you might also need measuring tools to accurately measure temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

Additional Details on What to Do After You’re Done

Once you’re finished setting up your indoor grow kit, there are a myriad of different things you can look at. If your grow tent kit is assembled and ready to go, you should start by choosing the right hydroponics system to go with it. A hydroponics grow tent setup can be a great asset, because it can be highly efficient. There is no need for soil, and plants can be grown simply by using water, a special growing medium such as perlite or coconut coir, and the appropriate nutrients.

When your hydroponic setup is ready, you simply have to choose the appropriate seeds and set them in place. As they grow, you’ll need to provide appropriate nourishment and water, depending on the seeds that you’re using, and continue to monitor their progress in the long run.

Because even the best cheap grow tent can allow you to control a lot of different factors that would aid or impair the growth of your plants, grow tents are considered to be some of the best means to keep the growth process completely under control. There is no guesswork when it comes to using your new grow tent, and you’ll find the results to be completely worthwhile! Read more of our grow tent reviews here.
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Grow Tent Setup – A checklist for the Enthusiast
Posted on April 11, 2018

Mary JaneSo you’re thinking of buying your own grow tent and becoming a proficient grower. Regardless of the approach you take, whether or not you want to grow marijuana, or the type of setup you want to use, you’ll find that there are a few basic requirements that every experienced grower will recommend.

Also, depending on the yields you expect, you might see that a limited setup, such as small indoor hydroponic growing systems, will not cut it. Instead, you might need something much larger, such as one of the more expensive gorilla grow tent packages along with a 1000 watt grow light kit.

A Few Important Things You Need to Establish

Now, before going out and buying a grow tent you need to know what it is and what you want to grow? How much money do you have at your disposal to invest in a new grow tent set? Do you really need an XXL grow tent, or would you be fine with a smaller yield? All these and many other questions have to be taken into account before you can consider the type of hydroponic growing kit you want to buy.

Here is a short checklist of recommended inquiries to get you started on your path:

Find your starting budget, and establish exactly how much you can invest into your grow tent on a monthly basis. Remember that you’ll need electricity, water, nutrients and a whole lot of other supplies.
How big is your grow space? Can you get a huge grow tent, or do you have to settle for something like a 3×3 growing system? When selecting the space assigned to your growing system, account for temperature and humidity changes, ventilation and the ease of moving water to and from your grow tent.
When it comes to the time you need, it’s important to make sure you are willing to invest enough time each week to tend to the plants you are growing – especially if you’re dealing with sensitive plants that need a lot of care.
Finally, make sure you choose a growing area that is private and secure. This not only applies to growers interested in improved cannabis yields, but anyone who doesn’t want people to poke around too much and potentially damage their plants.

Choosing the Right Types of Lights

Light is extremely important when growing anything from basic plants and veggies, to growing cannabis. The lights you choose have to be appropriate for the grow tent you buy. This means you have to know how to select your lights, how to use grow lights for seedlings and how to ensure that you can maximize or minimize light intensity and quality to account for the light that your growing system will need for perfect yields.

You have several different options regarding lighting, and all are appropriate, depending on what you need. CFL grow lights are the cheapest, if you’re looking for a lighting system that’s easy to install and hassle-free. However, most people looking to buy a dependable and energy-efficient grow tent will likely prefer starter LEDs. These lights are only slightly more expensive than CFLs, but their energy consumption rate is lowest of all growth lights you can try.

If you really want performance and high yields, and you want to know what light to use to grow plants that stand tall and proud, a 600W MH/HPS lamp is your best bet. Even though it’s somewhat on the expensive side, this light can deliver impressive performance, and its energy consumption is similar to that of an LED. Moreover, growing marijuana with one of these babies will give you up to 21 oz. per harvest.

Your Growing Environment and Plant Containers

A good LED grow tent with high reflective qualities isn’t always going to give you the performance and yields you want. This is especially true if your grow tent lacks the necessary prerequisites and features that the best growers would recommend. We’ll take a closer look at two of these right now.

The growing medium required for good yields is something that most growers don’t talk about, but we assure you that it’s extremely essential. Depending on the plants you wish to grow, using just any kind of soil or hydroponics could cause a lot of trouble in the long run. As a result, make sure you get superior quality organic soil, or compost your own soil without adding anything artificial. For hydroponics, you might want to consider one of the newer systems that are also designed to bubble up extra oxygen to your plants’ roots.

The Importance of Good Air Circulation

Ventilation is a must, regardless of the grow tent you are using. Unfortunately, venting a grow tent is one of those challenges that a lot of beginning growers tend to struggle with.

The main idea is to make sure air moves around your plants so that heated spots are prevented and pests won’t attack your precious plants. Also, you have to make sure that the plants receive plenty of healthy CO2, so that the growth cycle can be enhanced and even accelerated.

Avoid pointing fans directly at plants. Instead, have the fans blow over or under the plant canopy to create the ideal airflow for your growing area to be properly ventilated. This approach is essential whether you’re using the most expensive greenhouse grow tent on the market, or you’re learning how to make a homemade grow tent with minimal expenses and supplies.

The Advantages of Using Hydroponics

Using hydroponics and a dependable grow tent is the way to go, especially when you’re thinking of growing cannabis. However, hydroponics systems have a lot of advantages in the grand scheme of things, regardless of what you really want to grow.

Hydroponics are extremely efficient, offering high yields compared to the amount of nutrients that go into feeding each plant. You also get faster growth, higher potency, larger plants and fewer bugs. All in all, there’s no real substitute when it comes to using an efficient grow tent than the use of a high end hydroponics system.

Best Grow Tent Design, Function and Benefits
Posted on March 23, 2018
Grow tent kit

Grow tent kit What is a grow tent, and why would you consider using one? If you’re interested in gardening and hydroponics, you’ve probably already heard of grow tents for sale at relatively affordable prices and equipped with a lot of interesting features. But if you never really looked into the topic, you might not know about some of the most essential benefits, functions and uses of these impressive hydroponic growing systems.

Complete indoor grow systems are relatively new on the market, but they aren’t as expensive as you’d expect some newer products to be. On the contrary, they are extremely accessible, and as long as you do your research, they can serve you quite well, whether you get the tallest gorilla grow tent packages or the smallest tents on the market.

Grow Tents and Grow Tent Kits

So, what exactly is a grow tent anyway? These efficient growing mediums are essentially indoor hydroponic growing systems designed to create an isolated medium for plants and herbs to grow without the use of soil. They can be used in a variety of ways, with many different types of substrates or solvent solutions. They are extremely adaptable, allowing for the creation of special climates inside the tent which would allow anything from common garden plants to rare tropical plants to flourish.

With a reliable grow tent at your disposal, you can adjust the lighting, temperature and other variables inside the tent to create the perfect conditions for various plants to grow. You can make use of different types and sizes of indoor vegetable growing systems or systems designed for herbs, to ensure an excellent yield and to provide a good medium for a variety of plants to grow faster and without being exposed to disease or unwanted conditions.

The main difference between a common grow tent and a grow tent kit is that the latter offers more versatility and diversity when it comes to the features it provides. While buying a grow tent might leave you with a few basic features, such as a basic 600W lamp, suitable ventilation, thermometers and humidity meters, with a grow tent kit you get everything you need to start growing.

Unlike indoor grow tents, complete systems involving combo packages will provide you with advanced hydroponics and a variety of features to choose from. While they do allow you to keep what you can get from a basic grow tent that doesn’t offer anything too special, more expensive packages will also provide you with features such as analog timers, alum ducting, rope ratchets, cool reflectors and your choice of a 400W, 600W or 1000W lamps. Moreover, grow kits will provide you with added options when it comes to storing your tools and other resources, allowing for greater convenience and diversity overall.

Uncommon Features and Highlights of the Best Grow Tents

To make sure your grow tent is operating at peak efficiency, you need to find products with flexible features that allow you to adjust conditions such as lighting, temperature, air flow, humidity and air quality. Using extra lights and the ability to hang some of your plants on the wall of the tent might also be a good idea, as is the option to use your tent both indoors and outdoors. Insulated grow tents, flexible Lighthouse tents and large and durable Gorilla tents are among your best choices by far.

If you want to grow exotic plants, you also need to know the most important details regarding the growth medium required for a cannabis grow tent setup or a basic grow tent kit. You will need to ensure sufficient nutritional elements – such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – a stable temperature of 75 to 84 degrees and zero to eight hours of darkness for optimal growth.

Gorilla grow tents are especially worth mentioning, because they are the strongest, thickest, largest and most durable products of this type. With that type of growing system you can typically adjust the height of your grow tent up to a value of 9 feet. Plants can grow exceedingly large, and with strong fabrics which are 3-9 times denser than most other reflective fabrics, you can rest asured that the plants won’t damage the tent’s walls as they grow.

Unlike a typical, short grow tent, gorilla kits aren’t grow tent kits for beginners in most cases. Some of them use extremely strong, metal frames that are much more resilient than most aluminum or plastic tent frames. Also, they are available with a wide variety of optional and included features that professional growers will enjoy a lot more than people who are just interested in growing a few herbs and veggies as organic crops.

The Main Advantages of Quality Indoor Growing Systems

The use of a good grow tent can help boost photosynthesis and increase the growth rate, health and quality of the plants you’re growing.
With the best grow tent brand products, you can make sure the environment stays stable and controlled. Unlike growing plants in your garden, this setup will give you ideal control over the growth of your plants and herbs, taking all guesswork out of the equation.
Complete LED grow tent packages will give you ideal control over the lighting as well. You won’t have to worry that some of your plants receive more light while others do not.
A quality grow tent is almost completely sound proof. If you want your plants to grow with music, you can play your favorite songs inside the tent without worrying about outside noise getting in.
Finally, you can also prevent plant odors from disrupting your day-to-day life. Grow tents are isolated, so they won’t let bad odors escape into the environment.

Disadvantages Worth Pointing Out

There isn’t many disadvantages to speak of when it comes to the best quality grow tents on the market. Indoor grow tent reviews may speak of some brands being better than others, and you have to make sure the tent you buy is suitable for the plants you’re trying to grow – especially when it comes to exotic plants. Also, while there are tents priced as low as $70, some kits can cost more than $300. Still a drop in the bucket compared to the yield they produce.

It all depends on what you want to grow and how much you want to spend to get the best grow tent out there. It might be just around the corner, as long as you do your homework and find out exactly what you want.

Grow Tents: The Elegant Way to Grow Your Plants Indoors
Posted on March 21, 2018
Best Gorw Tent 2018

Best Gorw Tent 2018 Do you know why experts in hydroponics would recommend that you get a grow tent? These handy products are similar to grow boxes, and can be a great deal of help when you’re trying to grow your own plants and herbs indoors. Not enough outdoor space to set up your own garden? Maybe you live in an area where it’s cold all the time, and you want to grow tropical plants. Your possibilities just expanded with this handy little indoor grow kit.
What Is a Grow Tent and Why Would You Want One?

Grow tents come in all shapes and sizes. They are typically box shaped, and they have a sturdy frame holding them together, but the difference between a grow tent set and a grow box is that the grow box h as solid walls, whereas the tent was designed for added versatility and with a lighter, more manageable construction.

Most grow tents will feature access windows with zippers, and they are also a lot more flexible than a common grow box. Sturdy canvas materials with reflective interiors provide plants with excellent isolation and keep all the light inside. Moreover, grow tents are not only remarkably durable, but they offer one key benefit that sets them apart from your old grow box: they allow plants to grow easily without being crushed by the walls of the box.

Typically, a grow tent gives you the space, privacy and convenience to grow, feed and tend to your plants without worrying about them growing too fast or too much. Also, there are many different types of grow tents to consider, including a micro grow tent, an attic grow tent or a loft grow tent. If you’re on a budget you can also buy a used grow tent at a discount.
The Key Features and Highlights of the Best Grow Tents

So what makes a grow tent really special? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the details. The best grow tents come with all the bells and whistles and everything you need to manage your hydroponics. Whether you want an indoor marijuana grow tent or you’re just now taking the first steps in learning how to grow in a grow tent, you can have all the features you need for less than $100.

The grow tent you buy might have an interior lined with a reflective material such as reflective Mylar. This material is capable of reflecting up to 98% of the light back inside, so your plants can gain the full benefit of it.

If you buy a small hydroponic grow tent, you’ll also benefit from a thick, durable, tear-proof canvas that will last for years to come. With strong metal poles holding it up and ensuring that the frame stays stable, you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your grow tent or having to be extra careful when you transport it to a different location.

Another practical feature of a hydroponic grow tent system is that it’s remarkably easy to install. Because the whole box is nothing but a piece of canvas strapped on a metal frame, you won’t need any sophisticated tools to install it, and the whole process can be completed in no time at all.

Finally, with the best grow tents you get a lot of attention to detail, so none of the small things that would normally irritate you – such as convenience, the size of the viewing window or the durability of the zipper – will present you with any difficulties.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Grow Tent?

Whether you get a basic grow tent or a passive intake grow tent, you have a lot of options for customization, and there are many potential uses for your new tent. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits and uses that will make your grow tent kits for beginners and advanced users truly worth purchasing:

The best grow tent for the money will always have an easy to use system that allows you to feed your plants conveniently, and ensures that watering is never forgotten.
Temperature control is made easy in most cases through the use of a high CMF fan and a quality carbon filter. You won’t need to worry about airflow and you can basically regulate the climate your plants are subjected to with great accuracy.
A grow tent is perfect for growing just about anything you can think of. Whether you buy an indoor or outdoor grow tent, weed, healing herbs and exotic flowers can be grown without difficulty. An indoor marijuana grow tent will be a great asset if you want to grow the best quality weed out there.
Your tent will allow you to relocate a lot of outdoor projects to indoor ones. Regardless of the plants you want to grow, your tent will allow you to grow all your plants with ease, and you can even stack multiple tents together to use a limited space for an entire garden’s worth of plants and herbs.
With the best tents you don’t have to worry about size options. You can get smaller ones at a lower budget and still fit in quite a few plants, or you can purchase a large grow tent without much of an added investment.
A quality grow tent will also include practical accessories and features that will make your life a lot easier. Removable floor trays and inner tool organizers make cleaning and maintenance a classy and pleasant job overall.

Drawbacks and Conclusions

Of course, grow tents aren’t a substitute for a good garden. No matter what you do, hydroponics can’t fully substitute the natural soil of an organic garden, and some plants depend on that. If you want to grow extremely fragile plants, you might have to read up on how to more accurately recreate a natural environment inside your grow tent, and you might also need to buy a more expensive tend that gives you more options when it comes to maintenance, climate control and lighting.

Overall, however, buying the best grow tent kit on the market should have you covered when it comes to most of the applications you want to use it for. Buy a grow tent kit now before they are gone!